Huseynov Sabakhaddin Nuraddin oglu
Physician in private practice at the «Edelweiss» Medical Center
Graduated in # nbsp; 1977 from the medical faculty of the Moscow Dental Medical Institute. In # nbsp; 1978 he graduated from an internship in # nbsp; therapy of mountains. Hospital No.51 Moscow. Until # nbsp; 1980 he worked as an ambulance doctor in Moscow. Then for 11 years he worked as a resuscitator at # nbsp; Institute of Surgery named after # nbsp; A. V. Vishnevsky. C # nbsp; 1992 is in private practice.
After graduating from the medical faculty of the Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, he completed an internship in therapy at Hospital 51 in Moscow.
A very pale woman was admitted to my ward with a diagnosis of anemia. Hemoglobin was 38 mg / dL. For a whole month we treated her with vitamin B12 and iron preparations, but the patient's condition did not improve. The head of the department said that she should be discharged home. I was surprised that the patient did not get better. The manager explained that this is a chronic disease, its causes are not fully known, and it is impossible to cure it. This patient has been treated many times with us and will return to us again. It soon became clear to me that all chronic diseases cannot be cured anywhere in the world.
At this time, a large article was published in the Literaturnaya Gazeta.
It said that the artist A. had suffered from joint disease for many years. He was treated in the most prestigious clinics, but the disease progressed. Doctors said that modern medicine is unable to cure this disease. The patient who lost hope found a healer who, oddly enough, was able to cure him! The witch doctor taught the artist the wisdom of traditional medicine. Soon, the artist himself began to treat the sick. On the pages of the newspaper there were printed letters of gratitude from the people he had cured. One letter was addressed to the prosecutor's office. The author of this letter wrote that yes, he cured me, but I doubt if he has a diploma? The prosecutor's office sent the healer to prison for quackery. The Ministry of Health, instead of studying the experience of the healer, supported the decision of the prosecutor's office.
It was then that I realized for the first time that along with medicinal medicine, which is helpless against chronic diseases, there is also a forbidden, but capable of curing diseases, folk medicine. Most doctors said with regret that in medical institutes and clinics, preference is given to medicinal methods of treatment. The attitude to the traditional medicine that has passed the test of centuries is not only biased. Whenever possible, it is prohibited.
After my internship, I worked as an ambulance doctor for 2 years, and then for 11 years in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Surgery. A.V. Vishnevsky. Was a participant in many interesting cases. I consider it important to talk about some of them.
In the 1970s, some Jewish families were allowed to leave the USSR. Our employee received letters and photographs from a doctor who moved to live in the United States. Everyone looked with envy at his new car, the furnishings in his apartment. Suddenly, the news came that he was banned from living in the United States. It turns out that he told his patient that until now he had been misdiagnosed and treated incorrectly. That is, he was expelled for unethical treatment of other doctors. Working in Moscow, in one of the best clinics in the USSR, I have repeatedly witnessed medical errors. It is known that only those who do not work are not mistaken! These mistakes were sorted out in the team, looking for ways so that they would not be repeated. Nobody wrote denunciations to the Ministry of Health, the prosecutor's office, as in the days of the medieval Inquisition!
During the years of work in the intensive care unit, I witnessed the recovery from cancer of 2 patients, an 18 year old ballerina and a 65 year old academician.
They were operated on almost simultaneously with the same diagnosis: a huge peritoneal sarcoma. The tumor was growing, there was a threat of pressure on large blood vessels. It was impossible to completely remove the tumor. The purpose of the operation was to cut out parts of it. After the operation, the patients developed severe complications - peritonitis, pancreatitis. Intensive therapy was carried out for about a month, thanks to which their lives were saved. But, in both patients, a pancreatic fistula formed - a hole in the postoperative scar, from which pancreatic juice flowed out. The doctors decided to do a small operation in 3 months - to close the fistula. On the 2nd operation, the surgeons did not believe their eyes, there was no cancer! Then I believed that even cancer can be cured.
Another event made a very strong impression on me.
A 9-year-old boy was to be operated on with a diagnosis of heart defect - non-closure of the interventricular septum. Cardiac arrest occurred during anesthesia. The doctors were able to restore the work of the heart, but the operation had to be abandoned. The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit. 4 days have passed. It was my watch. The boy was unconscious, breathing with the help of a special apparatus, the temperature was about 40 degrees, the stomach was swollen, no urine was released through the urinary catheter. On the round, the doctors decided that he had no chance of recovery.
In the evening I remembered that I had recently read a book by the Englishman Amstrong on urine therapy (urine therapy). I decided to apply this method. The boy was given an enema with the urine of another patient, rubbed with urine on his body, especially feet and palms, poured urine into the stomach through a tube. After a while, his intestines began to work, his body temperature dropped, and his own urine began to flow. In the morning the boy regained consciousness, breathed himself! Our doctors were very happy with this result, and I told about urine therapy.

For some time, thanks to urine therapy, it was possible to save the lives of 8 seriously ill patients. Suddenly, the opinions of our doctors were divided. Some of them feared that the rumor about urine therapy might spread outside our department. How are we going to make excuses then? Urine therapy is not officially approved. There are modern methods of blood purification - plasmapheresis, hemodialysis. As a result, the head of the department banned the use of urine therapy.
Already, as an experienced doctor, I understood that ambulance, surgery, resuscitation, intensive care, etc. Are necessary and effective areas of medicine. What about chronic diseases?
After all, they cannot be cured with medicines anywhere in the world! These patients take medications for almost their entire lives, and the disease progresses. Complications arise, it is not clear from what - as a result of the progression of the disease or from drugs.
I became interested in non-traditional methods of treatment.
Homeopathy is one of the officially approved treatments. It turned out that this method has been used for over 200 years. Its founder is the German professor S. Hahnemann. Homeopathic pharmacies have been operating in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Riga for over 100 years.
I was surprised that most of our employees knew nothing about homeopathy. After graduating from special courses, he began to engage in private practice.
Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances, and in a micro dose. The principle of homeopathy is as follows - if the intake of a substance causes some symptoms, then micro doses of this substance can cure these symptoms. For example, a large dose of coffee can cause insomnia, headaches, palpitations, etc. The same symptoms occur in people who do not drink coffee. Taking micro doses of coffee can cure such patients.
I will give 2 examples from my practice:
1. A 38-year-old woman came to the reception. She immediately stated that she did not believe in any treatment. I just saw something new and went to "pour out my soul". She is worried about a strong burning sensation in the urinary canal. Doctors found granulation there - growths like small moles. Already for the 4th time they are burned, and they grow back. Another moxibustion is offered. This is very painful! I advised her to take the homeopathic medicine cantaris. After 10 days, this woman came to me with 4 patients and happily informed me that she was completely healthy. I watched her for over a year. She really recovered!

2. Our employee's sister underwent surgery for stones and inflammation in the gallbladder and bile ducts. A tube was placed in the bile duct for temporary drainage of bile, but it was unsuccessful. Partially bile got into the abdominal cavity and caused a deadly complication - biliary peritonitis. It was the 5th day after the operation. Medicines, electrical stimulation and other methods did not work - the intestines remained motionless. I thought that if the cause of peritonitis is bile, then it can cure the disease in a homeopathic dose. He took 1 ml of bile from the outlet tube, diluted it in distilled water according to the principle of preparing homeopathic medicines. The resulting drug was dropped under the patient's tongue and the intestines started working!
Unfortunately, such results are rare in homeopathy, since it is very difficult to choose the appropriate remedy for each symptom and its dose. Therefore, I decided to study other methods of diagnosing and treating diseases: herbal medicine, leech therapy, reflexology, manual therapy, yoga, visceral chiropractic, various methods of cleansing the body, therapeutic fasting, dietary supplements, etc. Good results have increased. But, due to the fact that the causes of most diseases are still unknown, the result did not last long.
At this time, I was lucky to read the book of the candidate of medical sciences O.I. Eliseeva "Early diagnosis of cancer".
In the book, the author talks about a completely new method for diagnosing and destroying parasites - the "Imedis" apparatus. I found out where you can learn to work and buy "Imedis". Thank God! Since February 2004 I have been working with this device.