Viral diseases, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV and others. Recovery without drugs!
Chronic viral diseases, such as hepatitis C, B, HIV, are considered incurable all over the world. Why? There are many antiviral drugs, but nowhere in the world are there drugs that can destroy any viruses, even influenza viruses.
The problem is that viruses can live and multiply inside the cells of an infected person.
There are no drugs that penetrate into cells and destroy viruses there! Hepatitis C and B can go on without symptoms for a long time, but they are very dangerous because they suddenly turn into cirrhosis or liver cancer.
In addition, hepatitis C, B, HIV are contagious diseases
Infection can occur sexually, through blood transfusion, from non-sterile, non-disposable instruments (doctors, acupuncture, drug addicts, manicure-pedicure, tattoos, etc.)
Attention! Most of the tools are not disposable
Science still does not know how to sterilize instruments to destroy the hepatitis C and HIV viruses! To reduce the risk of complications and infectiousness, doctors prescribe medications (interferons, etc.).
These drugs are believed to temporarily delay the multiplication of viruses
Therefore, the courses of treatment have to be repeated. This is already dangerous. Medicines can cause serious complications and are expensive (the price of just one 6-month course of medicines is 7.5-25 thousand dollars)!
Methods for diagnosing hepatitis C, B, HIV and other viral diseases
Viruses are tiny living organisms. They are thousands of times smaller than bacteria. They can only be seen under an electron microscope. Outside, viruses are covered with a shell, inside which there is a nucleic acid (in some types of viruses - DNA, in others - RNA). In the DNA and RNA of each type of virus there is a specific particle by which specialists distinguish viruses from each other. This particle is called a nucleic acid antigen.

Think of viruses as bird eggs. The shells and whites of eggs are like the envelope of viruses. Yolk, like DNA or RNA. There is a particle on the yolks - an embryo - a nucleic acid сhickens hatch from the embryos of chicken eggs. From the embryos of duck eggs - ducklings. Poultry farmers by their appearance easily distinguish between eggs of chickens, geese and other birds. Experienced virologists under an electron microscope can also distinguish different types of viruses by their appearance.
Unfortunately, in medical laboratories, instead of electron microscopy of blood, for some reason they use ELISA and PCR blood tests. Let's see why these tests are better and for whom are they better?
Inaccuracy of analyzes
During the corona virus pandemic, you learned that ELISA and PCR tests are not accurate, their results can be false negative when there is an infection and false positive when there is no infection! It turns out that viruses are not diagnosed by ELISA and PCR methods! These tests are based on biochemical reactions that can detect antibodies and antigens! ELISA method - antibodies and antigens of the envelope of viruses. By PCR - antigens of DNA or RNA viruses antigen.
What are antibodies
Antibodies are substances that form in the blood of infected or vaccinated people. At all times, people have been infected with various viral diseases (smallpox, flu, corona virus, measles, rubella, etc.). Some of the infected people recovered even from smallpox! There are no medicines that destroy viruses anywhere in the world! This means that the immune system of recovered people can destroy viruses using antibodies. In those who have recovered or vaccinated against certain infections, antibodies remain in the blood for life or for many years, protecting them from re-infection with these diseases (hepatitis A, measles, poliomyelitis, etc.).

In those who have recovered from some other viral infections, antibodies persist for several days or months (influenza, ARVI, corona virus, hepatitis C, HIV, etc.). Therefore, there may be repeated infections with these diseases.
Antigen is also not a virus
An antigen is a specific particle of each type of virus, by which they are distinguished from each other. The bones of humans and animals are also different from each other. After death, they persist for years. Finding bones doesn't mean dinosaurs are alive! After viruses are destroyed by the immune system or resonant frequencies, their antigens can persist indefinitely, without harm to humans! Therefore, be careful!
The results of ELISA and PCR tests can be positive if:
  • There is an infection
  • Infection once was, the patient recovered from this disease, but antibodies or antigens remained in his blood
  • The patient was vaccinated against this disease
  • It is possible that in some infections, antibodies may be similar (influenza, corona viruses, acute respiratory viral diseases, mycoplasmas, leptospirosis, and others).
It is known that chemical reactions occur only in the presence of a sufficient amount of reacting substances, catalysts, temperature, etc. Therefore, they are not accurate.
A negative test result can be if:
  • No infection
  • There is infection, but there are not enough antibodies and antigens for ELISA and PCR to proceed.
Such tests can mislead doctors and patients!
Think about which method is better - electron microscopy or ELISA, PCR? The answer is obvious, but business has its own rules. Electronic microscopy of viruses is almost forgotten. The whole world was imposed on ELISA and PCR, which are advertised as the gold standard of diagnostics.

For more than 25 years, ELISA and PCR have been the only method for diagnosing viral diseases. Only experts admit that ELISA and PCR have serious disadvantages.
By ELISA, antibodies and antigens of hepatitis C, B, HIV viruses can be detected only a few months after infection! Then, when antibodies and antigens are formed and accumulate in the blood. Imagine that every day millions of people have sexual relations with strangers, operate, come into contact with someone else's blood through non-disposable, non-sterile instruments. That is, a huge number of people can become infected every day and infect others with viral hepatitis C, B, HIV, and a blood test will not show infection for several months.
PCR is not used for the primary diagnosis of hepatitis C, B, HIV, but even this method allows detecting antigens no earlier than 2 weeks after infection.
PCR efficiency
In the body of patients with hepatitis C and hepatitis B, viruses behave in two ways:
1. Viruses multiply inside the cells of the liver and other organs. This leads to the destruction of these cells and the penetration of viruses into other cells. Symptoms of liver failure develop from jaundice to loss of consciousness and death. In the blood, ALT, AST, bilirubin increase. Attention! These indicators can be increased not only in patients with hepatitis B, C, but also for other reasons that destroy liver cells (worms, fungi, bacteria, protozoa, alcohol, drugs, poisons).
Viruses enter the nucleus of cells, attach to DNA or RNA. In this case, viruses do not multiply. There are no symptoms of the disease. ALT, AST, bilirubin are normal. This is called the carrier of viruses. Some experts consider carriage to be a mild form of the disease, while others believe that carriers are 20-30 times more likely to develop liver cancer.
About the method of accurate, rapid diagnosis and destruction of viruses without drugs, read on the main page in the articles "Why modern medicine cannot cure many diseases", "Unstudied causes of diseases", "New medicine against diseases, even incurable ones!"
Here are some interesting examples from our practice:
Patient M.R.
32 years old
Diagnosis: hepatitis C
The disease was discovered 2 years ago with a random blood test. Then she was worried about general weakness. Within 3 months the patient was treated with drugs against viruses. Due to a sharp deterioration in the condition, such treatment had to be abandoned. The patient's periods stopped, there were swelling in the feet, nausea, no appetite, she lost 12 kg. In blood tests, hemoglobin decreased to 70 mg / dl. ESR increased to 38 mm / hour, ALT, AST 3 times higher than normal. An ultrasound scan revealed an increase in the liver and spleen, an accumulation of fluid in the pelvic cavity. In Turkey, diagnosed with hepatitis C, beginning cirrhosis of the liver. Liver transplant proposed. Her husband left her, was afraid to get infected.

At Imedis, we diagnosed a patient infected with hepatitis C viruses, worms of hepatica fasciola, ankylostomadualenale, and brucellosis bacteria. Hookworms feed only on blood, fascioli damage the liver, brucella damage the joints (for more details see the articles "parasitic worms" and "arthritis, arthrosis").

We have selected therapeutic frequencies to reduce the sensitivity of the patient's body to parasitic toxins, treat inflammation in organs damaged by parasites other. Hepatitis C viruses, brucella and worms were destroyed by resonant frequencies.

After 3 months, the swelling, nausea, and weakness disappeared. Appetite became normal. Hemoglobin, ESR, ALT, AST also became normal. Menstruation resumed. 7 years have passed. The patient recovered, gotmarried, works!
Patient A. A.
37 years old
Diagnosis: headaches
He is from Egypt. 5 years ago in Cairo, he was diagnosed infection with schistosoma worms and viral hepatitis B. For more than 1 year the patient has been worried about frequent, severe headaches. Blood pressure is normal. MRI results of the brain, cervical vertebrae, complete blood count and urine tests are normal. In the biochemical analysis of blood ALT and AST - 40 and 55. Treatment does not help.

On the Imedis we also diagnosed infection of the patient with schistosomes and hepatitis B viruses. Schistosomes were in the walls of the middle cerebral artery and temporal vein. Hepatitis B viruses were present in the liver and lymph nodes of the hepatic hilum. The destruction of schistosomes, in such cases, can lead to impaired blood flow in the blood vessels of the brain.

Therefore, first we select therapeutic frequencies to reduce the sensitivity of the patient's body to parasitic toxins. Then, we destroy schistosomes and hepatitis B viruses with resonant frequencies.

After 3 months, the patient was no longer worried about anything. There were no more headaches. ALT and AST tests became normal. More than 1 year has passed. The patient reported that he had recovered!
Patient M. I.
18 years old
Diagnosis: hepatitis C
He is studying in London, where he was diagnosed with viral hepatitis C using blood tests by ELISA and PCR. Then he was worried about nausea in the morning. For 1 year he was treated with pegasis and prednisone. After the treatment, it got worse. Drowsiness, fatigue, fatigue increase, the skin has become darker. In the analysis of blood ALT, AST 4 times higher than the norm.

At Imedis, we did not find hepatitis C viruses, but we detected no less dangerous parasites in the patient's liver - hepatica fasciola. We have selected therapeutic frequencies. The fascioles were destroyed by resonant frequencies.

After 3 months fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue disappeared. The healthy skin color was restored, and the blood counts returned to normal. 2 years have passed. The patient has recovered!

Why did the PCR tests detect hepatitis C viruses, but the diagnosis with Imdis did not? PCR analysis can detect not viruses, but particles of viral RNA. Medicines cannot kill viruses. This means that hepatitis C viruses once entered the patient's body, but his immune system was able to destroy them! High ALT, AST numbers are the result of liver damage from fascioli.
Patient M. T.
30 years old
Diagnosis: allergies, headaches, hair loss, hepatitis B, genital herpes, constipation
As a child, she had a diathesis. Since then, she has suffered from a spring allergy to fresh fruits, vegetables and drug allergies. With diagnoses of Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock to the drug, she was treated 2 times in the hospital. She is also often worried about headaches, diffuse hair loss, constipation, burning and itching in the vagina.

At Imedis, we diagnosed a patient with an excessive negative impact (ENI). hepatitis B, genital herpes, worms - schistosomes and whipworms.

We have selected therapeutic frequencies for the elimination of ENI, detoxification and others. Hepatitis B viruses of genital herpes, schistosomes and whipworms were destroyed by resonant frequencies. After 3 months, the patient was no longer worried about anything.

More than 2 years have passed. The patient has recovered!
Patient M.K.
63 years old
Diagnosis: B-cell lymphoma, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, thrombosis of the portal vein branch, moderate ascites
From Egypt. Diagnosis: B-cell lymphoma, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, thrombosis of the portal vein branch, moderate ascites. Diseases were discovered 4 months ago. The patient was worried about abdominal pain, weakness, sweating. Based on a PCR blood test, the patient was diagnosed with 49,000 copies of hepatitis C. The diagnosis of lymphoma was confirmed by histological examination of the cervical lymph node. Immediately after the start of specific treatment (silymarin - conadion - lactulose - aldactone), the patient became worse. She refused such treatment, together with her son flew to us in Moscow in December, without warm clothes and warm shoes.

At Imedis, we diagnosed a patient with Donovan's leishmanias, hepatitis C viruses, and whipworm worms. Leishmanias were in the lymph nodes of the neck. mediastinum, in the thyroid gland, in the spleen. Hepatitis C viruses were in the liver, whipworms were in the colon.

We have selected therapeutic frequencies. The viruses hepatitis C, Leishmania, and whipworm have been disrupted by resonant frequencies. The patient and her son flew to Egypt. The unexpected happened. A week later, her son reported that the patient had contracted the flu (runny nose, temperature up to 38, poor appetite, swollen feet). After another 5 days, he reported that the patient was getting better, the swelling in the feet had disappeared, an appetite appeared, the runny nose decreased, and the temperature returned to normal. At this time, the patient underwent a general blood test, which showed 11,000 leukocytes (before our treatment there were 3400 leukocytes). Without consulting me, the patient's son began to treat her with paracetomol (he said he had read it on Wikipedia). This medication can cause severe damage to the liver and other organs. After 3 days, he reported that the patient's eyes turned yellow and she became drowsy. The patient was hospitalized. She died 4 days later.
Patient G. Kh.
52 years old
Diagnosis: brain cancer, HIV, psoriasis
4 months ago he contacted us. Then his diagnosis was HIV, psoriasis. He received HIV treatment for about 6 months. More than 3 months ago, itchy, red spots appeared on his stomach, chest, back, very similar to psoriasis. We did not find HIV viruses on Imedis, but we did find worms, metagonimuses, in the patient's liver.

We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies. After 3 months, the spots on the skin and itching were gone. The state of health was good.

However, after 2 weeks his son called and said that his dad began to walk badly, his speech became slurred. We offered to urgently come to us in Moscow. The patient lives in Azerbaijan. A week later, the son reported that dad was getting worse. The relatives decided to take him to Iran for examination and treatment. In Iran, a brain tumor was found on MRI. They offered an operation. The oncologist told the relatives that if the patient survived the operation, he would remain paralyzed. By this time, the patient could no longer walk and talk. The sons brought him to us.

Diagnostics at Imedis revealed the cause of the brain tumor - Trichinella larvae in the motor area of the cerebral wing. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies.

We selected therapeutic frequencies to restore the function of damaged organs.

After 3 months, the patient began to walk and talk. 7 years have passed. The patient is healthy! Leads a normal life.