Tape worms
Bovine tapeworm Taenia saginata.
Pork tapeworm Taenia solium. Cysticercosis
Wide ribbon Diphyllobothrium latum

Many of you have heard of multimeter worms in the intestines of infected people. The average length of the intestine of an adult is 8 m. Imagine, it contains a bovine tapeworm up to 15 m long, a wide tapeworm - up to 20 m, a pork tapeworm - up to 4 meters. In the intestines of an infected person, there is often one worm, but sometimes several.
Infection occurs when swallowing meat containing the larvae of these worms. The meat of cattle may contain the larvae of bovine tapeworm, In pork - pork tapeworm. In the fish - a broad ribbon. Swallowed larvae attach to the wall of the small intestine. Worms with the entire surface of their body absorb food, vitamins, minerals from the intestines, poison the body of patients with their secretions, feces. The larvae grow rapidly, after 2.5-3 months they turn into mature worms. Tape worms are hermaphrodites, that is, they have male and female genital organs.
Bovine and pork tapeworm eggs are contained inside the last segment of the parasite's body, called the uterus. When the eggs are ripe, the uterus breaks away from the parasite's body. In some patients, the uterus of the bovine tapeworm can independently leave the intestines and move a certain distance.The uterus of the pork tapeworm leaves the intestines along with feces. Fertilized eggs of broad tapeworm leave the human intestine with feces. Sometimes in the feces of patients, you can see the particles of the parasite's body (uterus).
Animals and fish become infected by eating eggs or segments of worms.
Tape worms can live in the human intestine for years!
Despite its large size, in many people the disease can be asymptomatic for a long time. A characteristic feature of the bovine tapeworm is an independent exit from the anus of its segments, but this does not happen in some patients.
Infected with tapeworms may have common symptoms of all worm infections - drooling, gnashing of teeth, nausea, vomiting, changes in appetite, abdominal pain, defecation disorders, allergies, rashes, itching, spots on the skin, dry skin, headaches, fatigue, vitamin deficiency , anemia, hair loss, menstrual disorders, infertility, miscarriage, impotence, etc. There may be severe complications - severe weight loss, intestinal obstruction, peritonitis, anemia and others.
Symptoms of tapeworm infection
When swallowing pork meat with larvae, pork tapeworm develops in the intestines.
When swallowing pork tapeworm eggs from contaminated hands, poorly washed products, with contaminated water, a completely different disease develops - ciscircosis.
How does the infection take place
Swallowed pork tapeworm eggs penetrate the wall of the stomach and intestines, into the veins located there, and spread to various organs. They are found in the brain and spinal cord, eyes, heart, lungs, liver, muscles, under the skin and other organs.
A capsule with a diameter of 5-15 mm is formed in the organs around the eggs. The symptoms of cysticercosis depend on which organ they damage. If this is the brain, then there may be headaches, epilepsy, paresis, paralysis. At the base of the brain, cysticercus can reach up to 20 sm, grow in the direction of the spinal cord. Such patients often die.
In the eyes, cysticercus can cause inflammation, visual impairment and even blindness
When located behind the eyeball, they can cause bulging.
Tape worms sometimes surprise doctors. A 2 month old baby was diagnosed with leukemia (blood cancer). The baby was so weak that the doctors did not hope for his recovery. At the insistence of the parasitologist, the child was given an antihelminthic medicine. A 120 sm worm fell out of the baby's intestines! The child soon recovered. How could a baby become infected? Even if the baby swallowed the larva from the mother's contaminated hands, could it grow into a 120sm long worm in less than 2 months? Maybe the baby was infected while still in the womb? There are no answers to such questions yet.
There is a video on the Internet called "Parasites Inside You"
The operation was filmed in one of the Russian clinics. An ultrasound scan revealed a large tumor on the man's heart. We decided to have an operation.When the tumor was opened, it turned out that a tapeworm lives in it! How did he get into the heart? There is no answer either!
They lay eggs periodically. Therefore, in the analysis of feces, their eggs are rarely found. An active exit from the anus of the segments of the bovine tapeworm is also not always the case.
Medicines and folk remedies also rarely help and can cause severe complications. If they help, then a worm several meters long falls out of the intestines. The sight of him can cause intense fear and shock.
Diagnosing tapeworms is not easy
At present, only on "Imedis", with a good specialist, it is possible to accurately diagnose and destroy these worms with resonant frequencies
In our practice, there were many patients with tapeworms. After the destruction of parasites by the resonant frequencies of Imedis, a mucous mass comes out with feces, rarely - pieces of worms.
Here are some interesting examples:
Patient K.
47 years old
Diagnosis: bovine tapeworm
For about 2 years he has been worried about swelling and pain in the joints of the arms and legs. It has been treated for rheumatism without much success. In the blood tests, alarming signs of impaired renal excretory function appeared - residual nitrogen and creatinine are increasing.

On the Imedis we diagnosed a bull tapeworm. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasite was destroyed by resonant frequencies. The patient soon recovered.
Patient I.
13 years old
Diagnosis: psoriasis
For more than a year, a psoriasis focus has appeared and is growing on her left knee. Treatment with a skin doctor does not help.

We diagnosed a bullish tapeworm at Imedis. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasite was destroyed by resonant frequencies. After 3 months, the focus of psoriasis was gone.

More than 6 years have passed. The patient has recovered!
Patient R.O.
48 years old
Diagnosis: anemia
According to the patient, he had never been sick before, did not go to the doctors, went in for sports. But over the past 6 months, he began to worry about the growing weakness, fatigue, 2 times he had fainting. At the leading medical center in Moscow, he underwent all kinds of medical research. Only anemia was found - hemoglobin 60 mg / dl. They could not find out the cause of anemia. The treatment did not help.

We diagnosed cysticercosis on the Imedis. The parasite was in the red bone marrow, where red blood cells are formed, and in the middle part of the brain stem. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasite was destroyed by resonant frequencies.

After 2.5 months, the patient's hemoglobin was 92 mg / dl. Weakness and fatigue are gone.
Patient B. T.
29 years old
Диагноз: бычий цепень
For about 1 year she is worried about frequent headaches, weight loss from 53 kg to 38 kg, sometimes diarrhea up to 4 times a day, weakness, pulling pains in the abdomen, feeling of movement in the abdomen. In a blood test, hemoglobin 90 mg / dl, ESR 32 mm / h. The results of ultrasound, CT and others are normal. The cause of the disease is not known. The treatment doesn't help.

On the Imedis we diagnosed a bull tapeworm. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasite was destroyed by resonant frequencies.

After 2 months, the patient was no longer worried about anything. Headaches, abdominal pains, weakness, diarrhea are gone. The weight has increased by 2 kg. Hemoglobin became 105 mg / dl, ESR 20 mm / h.
Patient Ch.S.
52 years old
Diagnosis: diarrhea
For more than 1 year, she has been worried about nagging abdominal pain, diarrhea with mucus secretion up to 7 times a day, a feeling of movement in the abdomen, sometimes dizziness, weakness. The patient was treated for more than 2 months in a well-known Moscow hospital. Doctors could not find out the cause of the disease, hinted to the patient that it was time to go to a psychiatrist.

On the Imedis we diagnosed a wide tapeworm. Picked up the healing frequencies, the parasite was destroyed by the resonant frequencies.

After 3 weeks, the patient was no longer worried about anything!
Patient G.F.
8 years old
Diagnosis: retinal detachment
He is from the USA. In the United States, he has already undergone laser surgery 2 times, and the cause of the disease is not known.

On "Imedis" we diagnosed cysticercosis in the patient's left eye. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasite was destroyed by resonant frequencies.

More than 2 years have passed. We were informed that there was no more relapse of the disease!