Many doctors have not even heard of this parasitic worm. The disease it causes is called dirofilariasis.

Humans and animals become infected with dirofillariasis through mosquito bites
Mature dirofilaria worms live in the heart of infected dogs, cats, wild animals of these genera, and their larvae swim in the blood of sick animals. Dirofilaria larvae accumulate in the salivary glands of mosquitoes that have drunk the blood of infected animals, and then fall under the skin of people bitten by the same mosquitoes. From here they spread to all organs. Some patients feel the larvae move under the skin.
After a month, the larvae turn into mature worms up to 80mm long and up to 3mm wide. Sometimes patients see a worm moving in the eye in the mirror. This greatly scares the patient and those around him. In the organs of infected people, some of the mature dirofilariae twist into knots, around which tumors of various sizes are formed.
Dogs, cats, mosquitoes live nearby almost everywhere. So there should be a lot of patients with dirofilariasis! But, most doctors do not know anything about this disease. There are no specific symptoms of dirofilariasis. Dirofilariae can be the cause of the formation of tumors in different organs. There is also no method of laboratory diagnostics and effective drugs against dirofilariae! Currently, only at Imedis, with a good specialist, it is possible to accurately diagnose the infection of patients with dirofilariae and destroy them with resonant frequencies.
Here are some interesting examples from our practice:
Patient A.K.
35 years old
Diagnosis: cancer of both breasts
The patient is worried about severe pain during menstruation in the mammary glands and in the lower abdomen. In Baku, mammography, ultrasound and CT revealed 8 tumors ranging in size from 9 to 20 mm in the right mammary gland, and 7 tumors in the left mammary gland ranging from 7 to 18 mm in size. A biopsy was done. The result of histological analysis: signs there is no malignancy. Diagnosis: fibroadenomatosis. Oncologists have warned the patient that she has a high risk of developing cancer. They suggested an operation - removal of both mammary glands, followed by a more thorough histological analysis. After 1 month in Turkey, the same results were obtained. Operation suggested again.

At Imedis, we diagnosed dirofillaria in both mammary glands and in the left ovary.

We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies. The patient was explained that the lumps in the mammary glands may remain, but they have already become harmless. Now, if she is afraid, she can agree to the operation. The fact that she had worms and not cancer greatly reassured the patient. She refused to have the operation.

Pain during menstruation disappeared after 2 months. It took about 1 year. The patient reported by phone that the nodes were still being felt, but she was no longer disturbed.
Patient I.I.
46 years old
Diagnosis: cancer of the soft tissues of the scalp
For 1.5 years, a tumor has formed and is growing on his head. It covers the entire upper surface of the head, extends to the forehead, temples, and the back of the head. The diameter of the tumor is more than 10 sm, the height to 2 sm. The tumor is dense, does not hurt, and inactive. On MRI, the parietal bones are thinned. There is a threat of tumor growth into the cranial cavity. According to the patient and the accompanying therapist friend, oncologists are wary of operating on him.

Diagnostics at Imedis revealed lesions of the soft tissues of the head by dirofilariae. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies. The difficulties began after that. In our experience, after the destruction of dirofilariae under the skin, pus, like boils or phlegmon, can form. We warned the patient and his therapist friend about this. Indeed, after 3 weeks the tumor began to soften in places. Pus accumulating under the skin could break through or through the thinned bones of the crown to get into the cranial cavity, with the development of deadly purulent meningitis.There was a need for an urgent surgical opening of the abscess. But, according to the patient, he turned to several oncologists and surgeons, but they all refused to do such an intervention. Fortunately, the phlegmon soon opened itself on the back of the head.

The tumor quickly resolved. After 2 months, CT did not even detect thinning of the bones. 5 years later. The patient has recovered!
Patient A.
54 years old
Diagnosis: frequent ventricular premature beats
This is a deadly disease. She is a doctor, head of a well-known clinic. On Holter's, the patient found 18,000 ventricular extrasystoles per day! Cardiologists picked up 2 types of drugs, after which the extrasystoles stopped. They told her that these drugs should be taken for 4 months. Then, you can try to reduce the dose. The patient asked: "The cause of the disease is unknown. If you reduce the dose of drugs, extrasystoles may resume. " Cardiologists have confirmed this. Then she remembered us.

At Imedis, we diagnosed dirofilariae in the left ventricle of the heart. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies. The patient's well-being began to improve rapidly.

After 2 months, she herself began to reduce the dose of drugs, and then stopped taking them. Extrasystoles have stopped! More than 3 years have passed.
Patient F.
6 years old
Diagnosis: dirofilaria
For more than 4 months, he has been unsuccessfully treated by eye doctors with a diagnosis of herpes of the right eye. The boy is mentally depressed, does not raise his head, does not look into the eyes of the interlocutor. An eye doctor referred him to us.

At Imedis, we found out that the cause of eye damage is dirofilariae. We have selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies.

The boy recovered within 1.5 months!
Patient N. A.
38 years old
Diagnosis: acne
His face is disfigured by larges. red acne on the forehead, cheeks. nose, chin, neck and chest. According to the patient, for more than 10 years, because of acne, he has not been able to find a job because he is considered contagious. The patient was treated by dermatologists, cosmetologists, allergists. The cause of the disease is not known. The treatment doesn't help.

At Imedis, we diagnosed him infection with dirofilaria worms. We selected therapeutic frequencies. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies.

After 3 months, the patient's skin became normal!
Patient A.A.
22 years old
Diagnosis: peritoneal cancer (mesatelioma)
According to the patient, on the Internet it was found out that in the world only 2 surgeons operate for mesatelioma - in Germany and in the USA. A year ago, she was operated on in Germany. During the operation, the abdominal cavity was flushed with chemotherapy medication. After the operation, 6 courses of chemotherapy were performed. Every 6 months the patient must travel to Germany for examination and correction of treatment.

Diagnostics at Imedis revealed damage to the peritoneum and lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity by dirofilariae. The parasites were destroyed by resonant frequencies.